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Performances  2pm to 6.30pm, Albert Square and Central Library


Vallisa Chauhan, Presenter Sunrise Radio

Vallisa will be presenting the programme on the 

Marquee Stage in Albert Square


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Raj Ghai, Presenter Sunrise Radio

Raj Ghai will be presenting the programme on the 

Outdoor stage in Albert Square


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Kanchan Maradan

Kanchan will be hosting the programme 

on the Library stage

Kanchan has extensive experience as a Kathak performer, teacher and choreographer. An exponent of the Jaipur  School of Kathak she has been enthrawling audiences with her grace and precision in her dance. She is currently teaching Kathak at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Manchester.

Jassi Sidhu, a Bhangra singer and the former lead singer

of British Indian Bhangra band B21.


Bhangra group Sahara

       Chirag Rao, A British Indian Singer 

Song writer and composer

Shama is the only Asian female artiste in UK to have had not one but 2 succesful long-running bands. She has performed with Bollywood music personalities such as Anup Jalota, Sukhwinder Singh, Nitin Mukesh, Mangal Singh.


            Sonia Chandaria, Kathak dancer. She will be performing with Shyam Dattani.



Shyam Dattani, Kathak dancer winner of BBC  young Dancer 2017 in South-Asian category.

Gallery - Four By Four Bhangra Dancers

4 x 4 Bhangra dancers

Traditional Bhangra Dance Champions

Dhol and Brass continues to be one of the first of its nature.  They  have performed throughout the country and beyond.  Very recently, they have also featured in the Bollywood film' Yamla Pagala Deewana 2', out  in 2013.

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Explosive Band Baja in their eye-catching outfits ar  sure to add a ‘wow factor’  

Chenda melam( percussion using chenda/Drum) is a traditional south indian art form mainly played in Hindu temples at festivals. Chenda melam is the most popular form in Kerala and is an integral part of all festivals. 


Jayanthi Sivkumar with traditional Parai drumParai  is one of the oldest drums used in  the South India. The Parai that is played while dancing is called Parai aattam (Parai Dance) in Tamil, which is a folk art of Tamil Nadu



Manchester Desi Youth Group

           Students of Sharmista with Tanushree



Get ready for the lively celebration as Sonia & Meghla present "Soul Beats" to captivate the audience with their Indo-western panache.

          Bollywood Beats


Lantern Procession followed by a spectacular Finale show 

with fireworks, 7pm to 8.00pm 







 Global Grooves dancers

Sacred Shapes

 Finale show artists  




Come and be part of it.

A contemporary celebration of the Hindu festivals of Dashehra and Diwali